pisces horoscope 2023

 Pisces: Pisces and Pisces rising, you start your week with the rhythm of daily life, health issues and important things to get done. This Monday, and especially Tuesday, you may find yourself contracting too much due to standing upright, and you may be open to heart and blood pressure problems. But there are positive effects in the sky this week. There is a very beautiful and positive aspect between Venus and Mars. In your family life, male-female relationships can flow very easily, you can get together with the people you love, and the connections between you and the people you love can flow really well during this period. Monday will be very pleasant in terms of dealing with a problem or problem you have in your circle of friends. Again, an important, different point of view or conversations may come to the fore for an important business you will undertake with someone from your circle of friends. Since Mercury is still retrograde, it is not right to start these initiatives, but pla